Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Aaron and I just returned from a week long Caribbean cruise. It was so fun! We got to go to bed late, sleep in late, eat when we wanted, and be entertained for a week straight; without the interruption of children. We love our children, bless their little hearts, but sure enjoyed the time alone without them. A few things I learned for my next cruise (hopefully soon). 1. Pack t-shirts, shorts, and capri's. Almost every day I had a swim suit under my clothes and I ended up wearing a couple t-shirts twice because I had packed dressier type shirts and bottoms. 2. Take hats! I don't think my hair was done the entire trip. It was either windy, rainy, humid, we swam, snorkeled, or played on the beach every day. Needless to say my hair looked horrendous the entire trip.....I wish I would have taken some hats. 3. If your wear capri's and sleeved shirts for relgious reasons ( ;) wink, wink ) or for weight reasons ( or both in my case). Be prepared, you will only fit in with the seniors on the cruise. Every other woman my age wore short shorts, tanks, sundresses, and bikini's. And 4. when you win Bingo you will have those seniors, that you fit in with so well, very angry that you even dared play "their" game of bingo. :)

BINGO BABY! The lucky card!

Aaron's favorite part of the cruise, 24 hour, unlimited frozen yogurt. Yes, that's one in each hand.

St. Martin & St. Thomas

Dress up night in the dinning room. LOVE YA BABE! I loved the towel animals, they were so cute!

Monday, May 25, 2009

OK, so I lied

So my attempts at being a better mother and wife and journal our lives has failed. I'm such a slacker. My last post of Zac is of him sitting up,... and he'll be one next month. In all honesty I don't have the best computer, and camera system. I feel if it were easier to download pics and post I'd probably be more diligent. But, by the time I've downloaded my pics it's taken all the spare time I have, and posting them on my blog gets pushed to the back burner. Then more and more events occurs and before long I feel overwhelmed in where to start. So, hhmmmm... where to start. I guess I give a brief run down of our house lately. Zac is a busy, busy boy. The busiest kid I've yet to have. He's so dang fun though and I love him every minute of the day. He's a maniac, crawls like a speed demon, stands by himself and I'm sure he'll be walking soon.

This is him after taking my eyes off him for a max of 2 minutes. The pantry tore to shreds, and a box of rice spilled all over and played in.

And him eating the left overs of a half a cantalope I cut up and left on the table. He pulled it off and was sucking the juice with all his might, it was so cute. He is a good eater and loves all food.

Ellie is excited for suumer. We have 4 school days left and I think all 4 days are pretty much fun, play days. Ellie just had a piano recital and did well. She enjoys piano and practices daily without me having to remind her. It's so nice. She's a trooper and puts up with a lot being the middle child between 2 brothers. Both brothers are at selfish ages, sometimes I think Kade (14) is worse than Zac (11 months). She deals well with having a big brother antagonize her, and helps so much with her baby brother. I don't know what I'd do without her help with Zac. She really is a life saver. Recently Ellie and I went to the broadway play "Wicked". It was fabulous. She loves going out for "girl" dates.

Kade is also looking forward to summer. I think he thinks it's going to be a 3 month free for all, and I'm going to be at his beckon call for rides, money and fun. He's sadly mistaken, but I think he'll have fun. It's so fun to watch him. 8th grade was my most memorable fun year and I watch Kade hanging out with friends and doing the same things I did and it brings back such good memories. Currently we spend every saturday at the baseball field for Kade's double headers. He plays on a super league. He enjoys it and likes staying active and involved. He's a busy kid with sports, school and friends. He's a good kid. He shows so much brotherly love!