Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vegas Baby!!

This past weekend Aaron and I went to Vegas with some fun couple friends. I have to admit it was a very uneventful trip, yet totally wonderful. (I guess that's what you get when you take a 4 month old, and two pregnant women to Vegas). However, we all were fine with how "boring" we all were. And had a great time together. These couples are great! How many people play cards in their room, and not down in the casino while in Vegas? We are such NERDS...and I love it! We really did have a fun time, and laughed ALOT. I think that makes a great trip, don't you?

Halloween 2008

This year Kade dressed up, with a friend, only for a family Halloween party. I guess he's now offically too old to Trick Or Treat. It's so fun to have a teenager, but it's sad too. I hate that he's too old to Trick Or Treat, among many other holiday past times. However, every Halloween I make a pot of soup, and get cute little pumpkin colored and shaped bread bowls to eat it from.( I think it's the only sugar free thing the kids put in their mouths all day). The past few years Kade has a group of boys over for soup, so I guess I'm learning to celebrate holidays in a alternative "teenage" way.

Many of you will recognize Ellie's costume. She picked it out of a closet back in September, and couldn't wait to wear it. I have to admit it was very nice not to have to shop for a Halloween costume this year, and very cheap.

Zac was my little 3 eyed monster. He looked so cute.

I'm a little disappointed because I dressed up this year, which is unusual, and I didn't even get a picture with my kids. Oh well, maybe next year.