Friday, June 19, 2009

I love car rides like this!

We drove out to a family members house last week for a birthday party. It was perfect timing, all three kids were out 10 minutes into the hour drive. Usually I listen to bickering kids, a very gabby girl or a crying baby. But not this time, it was so peaceful.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Girls weekend in St. George

Me and a few of my high school girlfriends went to St. George for the weekend. OH MY GOSH! ...we had so much fun. And If you look close at the pics you can see that one of them is not like the other. ( Can you guess?)
We got very little sleep, but plenty of eating, talking and laughing. I would post some pics of our other events, but I would be totally humiliated, and I'm sure I would have a hit out for my murder by one of my friends. We went to the mall and tried on slutty clothes and laughed our guts out. Now usually I barely have time to shop for what I need, but not this trip. We wasted time doing whatever we wanted. We laid out at the pool, and we were entertained by Shalon and Charlie's synchronized swimming routine, and cannon balls. We told secrets, that I'm still shocked about. We met up with Yvonne, who I haven't seen forever, and visited. We would chat till all hours of the night, and go from laughing to crying in a matter of seconds. When we were all loaded up and ready to come home the vehicle wouldn't start. Imagine 5 women standing there with NO clue what to do. Charlie headed out in search for some help. She woke a man up in the neighborhood, and he was nice enough to come give us a jump. That's why I love girl time. It's so fun to have no where to be, no one to take care of, and plenty of time to eat, talk, laugh and cry. I'm so lucky to have so many good friends.

Our memorial day

After visiting Aaron's dad's grave for memorial day we went to Liberty Land with the kids and played a round of miniture golf. I was pathetic at golf. It's amazing that a little white ball can be so difficult to hit with a club. Ellie came in last and her mother was right behind her by 2 points. The boys didn't do too bad. Zac enjoyed watching the game of golf from the stroller, and loved the little rides after.