Monday, December 8, 2008

My boys are growing up.

Kade turned 14 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY! Kade's growing up so fast. He's such a good kid, he really is. He just does what he's suppose to be doing. I hope he continues to bring me so much joy.
And I hope I've done my job as a mother. I feel like time is running out. It seemed like he was just a little boy, and I had plenty of time to teach him all I needed to. Then I blinked, and now all of a sudden it seems like he's almost on his own. He now spends more time with friends without me by his side to intervene when needed (or at least when I think he needs intervention). I've got 4 more years before he graduates and heads out into the world to do whatever it is he chooses, I hope I've prepared him. It really is a scary thought that I'm the mother,... the one who's suppose to have the answers, teach him right from wrong, and be a support and guidance to him, and my other kids. However, I love this job as a mother and wouldn't change it for anything.
Zac's also getting so big , I thought I should post some updated pictures. I love him, he's so fun.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas trees and sunshine

I just had to post this because I thought it was funny. Ellie is outside in short sleeves, the end of November, drawing Christmas Trees with sidewalk chalk. The weather's been awesome, but my kids are dying for snow.

Ellie's 8

For Ellie's 8th birthday we went to a play of Beauty and The Beast, and then had cake and ice cream at home. A couple days later I took her and a couple friends to get their finger and toe nails painted, and to Cold Stone for ice cream. She is getting so old. It's so fun to have a girl to do "girl" stuff with, she's my little friend. Happy Birthday sweetie!

14 years and counting

Aaron and I celebrated our 14th anniversary a couple weeks ago. Aaron was so sweet to bring me home roses and have dinner reservations. I love being married to Aaron, he is the best husband and father. It's been a wonderful 14 years. Yes there's those time that aren't as fun as the other's, but the good definetly out weighs the bad. I can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries. I'm so blessed in my life, and my husband is just one more blessing I have received. I'm so lucky!! Love ya babe!


Aaron's friends from high school, Wade and Kevin, recently called us to go out for dinner. We hadn't seen either of them forever, it was so fun! We enjoyed them so much we had them over a week later for sunday dinner with their kids. Wade's wife was unable to make it because their baby was sick, we were sad we didn't get to meet his cute little girl. Kevin and Debi's kids sure are cute though. All the little boys had fun playing basketball and video games, the little girls had fun putting make up on, and we had fun visiting. Here are the 3 friends, and their families (minus Wade's wife and child) quite the group...huh?